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THE WIFE OF MONTE CRISTO 1946 Edgar G. Ulmer Movie DVD

THE WIFE OF MONTE CRISTO 1946 Edgar G. Ulmer Movie DVD
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Product Description

This RARE 1946 historical adventure B&W sound movie dvd release is titled... THE WIFE OF MONTE CRISTO

Director: Edgar G. Ulmer

Alexandre Dumas' famous fictional count gets revenge in this lively sequel to the original story. The Monte Cristo count begins by returning to Paris under an assumed name. There he helps the beleaguered poor who most suffered from the early 19th-century revolution. The cloaked count soon finds himself pursued by a cruel policeman. The count's brave wife throws the cop off her husband's scent by dressing up as the masked avenger herself and by proving that she too is most competent with a sword. Swashbuckling mayhem ensues.

This was the sort of B-plus fare that PRC would specialize in when it reorganized in 1947 and changed its name to Eagle-Lion.

CAST: John Loder ... De Villefort, Prefect of Police Lenore Aubert ... Countess of Monte Cristo Haydee Charles Dingle ... Danglars Fritz Kortner ... Maillard Eduardo Ciannelli ... Jacques Antoine Martin Kosleck ... Edmund Dantes, Count of Monte Cristo Fritz Feld ... Bonnett Eva Gabor ... Mme. Lucille Mail

This high quality DVD is "All Region" so it will play Anywhere in the USA and the World!