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Winter Carnival (1939) - ANN SHERIDAN - RICHARD CARLSON

Winter Carnival (1939) - ANN SHERIDAN - RICHARD CARLSON
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I find Winter Carnival a most interesting film for many reasons, some of which have nothing whatever to do with the plot, as flimsy but sorta fun as it is. One wonders about whatever input, if any, was done by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and why did he choose to do a film about Darmouth's famed Winter Carnival. It is enjoyable to see what might well be some of the actual footage of the Carnival -- many years ago, it was shown live from the campus on TV. Then, too, it's nice watching Ann Sheridan relax through a clean, interesting role. It is also intriguing to search for Robert Walker in one of the few things he did before heading back to Manhattan to find better roles on the stage. And watching a very very young Joan Brodel is a charmer -- she is enchanting, funny, cute -- and, soon, would change her name to Joan Leslie to become a delightful comedienne and dancer and actress-of-depth, though still under-appreciated. See the film, and enjoy.

Add a Plot » Director: Charles Reisner

Stars: Ann Sheridan, Richard Carlson, Helen Parrish