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THE WILD BLUE YONDER-DVD - Wendell Corey & Vera Ralston

THE WILD BLUE YONDER-DVD - Wendell Corey & Vera Ralston
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THE WILD BLUE YONDER stars Wendell Corey, Vera Ralston, Forrest Tucker, Phil Harris, Walter Brennan, William Ching, Ruth Donelly, Harry Carey Jr., Penny Edwards, Wally Cassell, James Brown, Richard Erdman, Phillip Pine, Martin Kilburn, Hal Baylor, Joe Brown Jr. and Jack Kelly.

Wendell Corey and Forest Tucker, star as a pair of WWII Army Air Corps officers. In between their battles over the affections of beautiful nurse Vera Hruba Ralston, Corey and Tucker prepare to fly a bombing mission in the South Pacific. Before boarding their B29 Superfortress, Tucker appears to be chickening out, but he is steadfastly at his cockpit past at takeoff time. for a big-budget war picture, Wild Blue Yonder contains a surprising amount of chorus boy- style singing. The best musical vignette is supporting player Phil Harris' rendition of his hit song "The Thing"("Get outta hear with that [thump! thump! thump!]/ before i call a cop" etc.)

This is an upgrade from the DVD we had listed before May 18th. It came from a very good quality print. There are some scratches, but it is much sharper than the previous DVD. Please watch the sample clip.Below is a sample clip from the DVD. One clip shows Phil Harris performing the song, "The Thing". The entire song is performed on the DVD. I've just put up a short clip from the song. The other clip shows the opening few minutes of the film. I edited it to play the opening title and cast and then a short scene from the movie, just to give you an idea of the quality. We ship via First Class Mail within the United States and International First Class Mail for international shipments.