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Walt Disney… One Man’s Dream - 12/12/81 ~ CBS-TV

Walt Disney… One Man’s Dream - 12/12/81 ~ CBS-TV
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Walt Disney… One Man’s Dream 12/12/81 ~ CBS-TV Hosted by Michael Landon, with Dick Van Dyke, Mac Davis, Julie Andrews, Marie Osmond, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Walter Cronkite, Carl Reiner, Ben Vereen, Beverly Sills, Buckminster Fuller, Andy Warhol, and others. It’s interesting to note that a young Christian Hoff (from Jersey Boys), plays the young Walt Disney. This musical special is essentially an infomercial for the Disney empire in general and EPCOT Centre in particular. It’s disguised to be a retrospective of Walt Disney's life and achievements, yet there are constant references to the Disney corporation's latest biggest newest enterprises (especially EPCOT, which is under construction). Various celebrities take turns to narrate different phases of Disney's life, punctuated by songs and musical numbers. One of the running gags has Carl Reiner playing a Hollywood mogul, gleefully predicting that Disney will go broke with each of his new endeavors, only to be continually proved wrong. 2 hours, complete with original commercials.