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TRANSATLANTIC TUNNEL 1935 Leslie Banks & RICHARD DIX Sci-Fi Movie Classic DVD

TRANSATLANTIC TUNNEL 1935 Leslie Banks & RICHARD DIX Sci-Fi Movie Classic DVD
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Product Description

This wonderful 1935 science fiction adventure B&W movie dvd release is titled... THE TUNNEL

Director: Maurice Elvey

Runtime: 71 minutes

Transatlantic Tunnel is the English-language version of the 1932 French-German speculative drama The Tunnel. Set sometime in the future (complete with two-way televisions, art-deco airships and self-propelled automobiles), the film stars Richard Dix as McAllen, a visionary architect who devotes his life to the construction of a tunnel linking the United States with England. Despite devastating professional and personal setbacks, including the death of his own son in a tunnel cave-in, nothing dissuades Dix from completing the project. Guest stars Walter Huston and George Arliss are cast respectively as the American President and the British Prime Minister, roles that they'd played before on several occasions. Like William Cameron Menzie's Things to Come, the film is impressive for its futuristic sets and state-of-the-art special effects. Originally released at 94 minutes, Transatlantic Tunnel is currently available only in its 70-minute reissue form.

CAST: Richard Dix - McAllan Leslie Banks - Robbie Madge Evans - Ruth McAllan Helen Vinson - Varlia C. Aubrey Smith - Lloyd Basil Sydney - Mostyn Henry Oscar - Grellier Hilda Trevelyan - Mary Cyril Raymond - Harriman Jimmy Hanley - Geoffrey Walter Huston - President of the United States George Arliss - Prime Minister of England Fritz Leiber - French Governor

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