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In 1805, the United States declares war against pirates operating out of the coastal city of Tripoli, who force U.S. merchant ships to pay tribute for safe passage. Marine lieutenant Presley O'Bannon, who rose through the ranks, patrols the Mediterranean Sea on a Navy ship, and volunteers his troops for a special mission to take control of the coast along Tripoli. This plan, commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson, entails a double-fisted attack, whereby an army of soldiers will cross the desert to attack the Derna port, near Tripoli, while a brigade of ships backs them up from the sea. John Payne ... Lt. O'Bannion Maureen O'Hara ... Countess D'Arneau Howard Da Silva ... Capt. Demetrios Phillip Reed ... Hamet Karamanly Grant Withers ... Sgt. Derek Lowell Gilmore ... Lt. Tripp Connie Gilchrist ... Henriette Alan Napier ... Khalil Herbert Heyes ... Gen. Eaton Alberto Morin ... Il Taiib