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Top of the Town (1937) - DORIS NOLAN - GEORGE MURPHY

Top of the Town (1937) - DORIS NOLAN - GEORGE MURPHY
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Diana Borden (Doris Lloyd, a bleeding-heart rich-girl, returns from a trip to Russia filled with sympathy for the "little" people of the slums and wants to do "something" artistic and socially significant for them...so she opens up a nightclub atop a 100-story skyscraper. For her, that means acts such as opera singers, extracts from "Hamlet" and three sailors imitating a giraffe. Bandleader Ted Lane (George Murphy)thinks hot-music, burlesque-acts and the old razzle-dazzle is just the ticket. Her programming leads to early exits and no-returns.Film debut for 12-year-old Peggy Ryan.

Directors: Ralph Murphy, Sam White

Stars: Doris Nolan, George Murphy, Ella Logan