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The Tiger Makes Out DVD 1967 Eli Wallach Anne Jackson

The Tiger Makes Out DVD 1967 Eli Wallach Anne Jackson
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Product Description

TITLE: The Tiger Makes Out

DIRECTOR: Arthur Hiller

YEAR: 1967

CAST: Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Bob Dishy, Ruth White, John Harkins, Charles Nelson Reilly, Frances Sternhagen and Dustin Hoffman

VIDEO QUALITY: 9.5 out of 10 / A+

ASPECT RATIO: 4:3 Letterbox

REGION CODE: 0 Region All / Free DVD-R (playable worldwide)


SYNOPSIS: This anti-establishment comedy is based on the play by Murray Schisgal. Eli Wallach plays a frustrated everyman sick to death of the rat race and lack of imagination he sees around him. He decides to kidnap a sexy young girl and ends up with suburban housewife Anne Jackson by mistake. She gives him MUCH more than he bargained for. Schisgal wrote the screenplay and there are plenty of laughs to be had: Bibi Osterwald with her leg stuck in Wallach's ceiling; Wallach paying his monthly rent to landlords who'd sold his building six years earlier; a very bizarre encounter between Wallach and the NYC housing commission. Wallach, in a very rare lead, is exceptional and Jackson is charming. Bob Dishey plays Jackson's ego-maniacal yet unbelievably neurotic husband and the supporting cast includes a lot of great character actors. In addition to Osterwald, Ruth White, Charles Nelson Reilly, David Doyle and Elizabeth Wilson have roles. Look for Frances Sternhagen in a very unlikely cameo and Dustin Hoffman in his first film.