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Texas (1941) William Holden, Glenn Ford DVD

Texas (1941) William Holden, Glenn Ford DVD
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Product Description

Director: George Marshall

Cast: William Holden, Glenn Ford, Claire Trevor

Release Date: 9 Oct 1941 (USA)

Region Code: Region 0

Running Time: 93 min

Texas (1941), William Holden and Glenn Ford star as a pair of rough and tumble drifters recently ejected from the vanquished Confederate Army. En route from Kansas to Texas by rail, the duo is in search of adventure and fortune. Upon arrival in Texas, the two friends fall on opposite sides of the law when they become involved in a cattle theft. Dan (Holden) leads a gang of rustlers in swindling rancher Dusty King, while Tod (Ford) helps King fend off the bad cowpokes. Worse still for the pair's friendship, they wind up as rivals for love--both woo the would-be victim's hot to trot daughter (Claire Trevor), but only one will ride off into the sunset with her.