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The Swiss Family Robinson (Complete Series) - 1976 - COLOR - 11 DVDS

The Swiss Family Robinson (Complete Series) - 1976 - COLOR - 11 DVDS
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Cast: Martin Milner, Pat Delaney, Willie Aames, Eric Olson, Cameron Mitchell, Helen Hunt

Director: Leslie H. Martinson

Synopsis: Get swept away in island adventure as you enjoy all 26 episodes of this beloved family classic! The only survivors of a violent shipwreck, the Robinsons wash ashore on a strange and fantastic tropical island. Their adventures lead to amazing discoveries, tantalizing surprises and hidden dangers as they battle pirates, wild animals and Mother Nature at her most vicious! It is the Robinson family's ingenuity, the harrowing adventures they encounter and the natural wonders of their island that have made the SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON one of the world's best-loved and most enduring stories of shipwreck and survival.