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Item# spring-parade

Product Description

A very charming story set in pre-war Austria. Deanna Durbin plays a peasant girl who inadvertently ends up working in a bakery in Vienna. She falls in love with a Corporal (Bob Cummings) who is also a "genius" of a composer, but military rules forbid him from pursuing any occupation other than the duties assigned to him by his commanding officer. Deanna thinks that the Corporal should be allowed to publish his compositions, and she gets the baker (S. Z. Sakall) in hot water with the government when she sends a note to the emperor about the young man's talents. The film is filled with music and dancing, and could almost be classified as an operetta. Very pleasant to watch and a lot of fun!

CAST: Deanna Durbin Ilonka Tolnay Robert Cummings Harry Marten Mischa Auer The Peasant Henry Stephenson The Emperor S.Z. Sakall The Baker Butch and Buddy The Kids Walter Catlett Headwaiter Anne Gwynne Jenny Allyn Joslyn Count Zorndorf Peggy Moran Irene Reginald Denny Captain Franklin Pangborn Wiedelmeyer