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A radiant and feisty Deanna Durbin delights audiences in this comical story of a woman trying to swindle a family's fortune. Donald O'Connor is magnificent as a dancing and singing ally who helps her realize that success is the best revenge. Durbin portrays a disc jockey entangled in a huge misunderstanding that equals hilarious results. Jean Adair is her Aunt Mary who has secretly been receiving a pension from her deceased lover's estate. Since her niece has the same name, the younger Mary is mistaken as the payment beneficiary. Now, with a marriage in the works for the wealthy family's grandson (Donald Reed), the family kidnaps young Mary and tries to force her into a payoff to avoid a scandal. Furious, Mary befriends O'Connor and they plot to cleverly tackle the problem. "All in all, entertainment is the word for Something in the Wind" (Abe Weller, New York Times), offering charm, romance and a splendid version of "Miserere" from "Il Trovatore" by Durbin and Jan Peerce. Produced by: Joseph Sistrom Directed by: Irving Pichel Assistant Director: Frank Shaw Screenplay: Harry Kurnitz and William Bowers Based on a Story by: Fritz Rotter and Charles O'Neal Music Composed and Directed by: Johnny Green Lyrics: Leo Robin Orchestrations: Ted Duncan, George Siravo Musical Numbers Staged by: Eugene Loring Art Direction: Alexander Golitzen, Frank A. Richards Special Effects: David S. Horsley Set Decorations: Russell A. Gausman, Ruby R. Levitt Gowns by: Orry Kelly Hair Stylist: Carmen Dirigo Make-Up: Bud Westmore Sound: Charles Felstead, Joe Lapis Director of Photography: Milton Krasner Special Photography: David S. Horsley Film Editor: Otto Ludwig

Cast: Deanna Durbin [Mary Collins], Donald O'Connor [Charlie Read], John Dall [Donald Read], Charles Winninger [Uncle Chester], Helena Carter [Clarissa Prentice], Margaret Wycherly [Grandma Read], Jean Adair [Aunt Mary Collins], The Four Williams Brothers [Quartet], Jacqueline de Wit [Saleslady], and Jan Peerce, Star of the Metropolitan Opera [Tony] Additional Cast: Chester Clute [Beamis], Frank Wilcox [Masterson], Patricia Alphin (aka Audrey Young) [Model], William Ching [Master of Ceremonies], Bess Flowers [in Fashion Show Audience]

Musical Program: [0:01] The Turntable Song (sung by Deanna Durbin at Radio Station); [0:03] Reduce with Deduco (radio commercial, excerpt sung by female quartet: Audrey Betz, Della Clark, Jerry Lee and Mabel Smaney onscreen); [0:16] Happy Go Lucky and Free (sung by Deanna Durbin and Chorus); [0:24] I Love a Mystery (sung and danced by Donald O'Connor); [0:37] Fashion show (accompanied by Orchestra); [0:41] You Wanna Keep Your Baby Lookin' Right (sung by Deanna Durbin taunting Donald); [0:50] The Turntable Song (sung by Donald O'Connor and The Four Williams Brothers serenading Mary and Donald); [0:51] Something in the Wind (sung by Deanna Durbin and The Four Williams Brothers); [0:59] It's Only Love (sung by Deanna Durbin); [1:09] Miserere (from the opera IL TROVATORE, sung by Deanna Durbin and Jan Peerce in jail cell); [1:22] Happy Go Lucky and Free (ballet with ballerinas, comic ballet by Donald O'Connor on television show); [1:27] Happy Go Lucky and Free / Something in the Wind (finale, sung by Donald O'Connor and Chorus, then sung by Deanna Durbin and Chorus on television)