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Silver Skates ~ 1943 ~ Musical

Rare: This title is not available commercially on VHS or DVD

Claire ( Patricia Morison ), owner of an ice-show, faces bankruptcy because Belita ( Belita ), star of the show, is about to leave and marry her sweetheart Tom ( Henry Wadsworth ).

Danny ( Kenny Baker ), singer with the show, and Claire are in love but Claire refuses to wed until she can get the show back on its feet.

Katrina ( Irene Dare ), 10-year-old orphaned refugee from Holland, comes to the show looking for her uncle, now in the service.

Claire wants to adopt the girl but has to be married, so she decides to accept Danny's proposal. He, however, has been making a play for Belita, hoping to keep her with the show. Belita quarrels with her fiancee and Danny soon, and unintentionally, finds himself engaged to both Claire and Belita.

Year(s): 02.26.43

Format: DVD

Run time: 78m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: B&W