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Shadow Over Elveron (1968) - COLOR DVD

Shadow Over Elveron (1968) - COLOR DVD
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Item Description Starring James Franciscus, Shirley Knight, Leslie Nielsen, Franchot Tone and James Dunn Directed by James Goldstone Print: COLOR Runtime: 106 min. Genre: Drama Elveron is one of those corruption-ridden towns just ripe for reforming by idealists like doctor James Franciscus. He has tried to conduct business honestly, while all the powerful folks around him have pulled strings and paid off authorities to keep certain awkward business and personal deals under the rug. But now, a murder trial involving important people threatens to become one more farcical cover-up. Franciscus vows that the truth will be heard, despite strongarm threats from crooked law officer Leslie Nielsen. The fact that Shadow Over Elveron is a 1968 TV movie should leave no doubt as to the outcome for this strident little civics lesson.