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Item# seven-in-darkness

Product Description

Network: ABC Original Air Date: September 23rd, 1969

There are some things one never forgets. Ever.

The story revolves around a small plane, carrying mostly blind people (on their way to a blind persons’ convention! Hey, it’s a TV movie… anything can happen!) crashing on a remote mountain, and only the blind survive. With just their wits and a little sense about them, they begin their journey back to civilization. The clincher here isn’t the excellent, tightly wound drama, nor is it the shocking moments (hint: the movie begins with Eight in Darkness), but rather, the money shot here is the inclusion of Milton Berle as the crabbiest of the blind survivors. I know! Uncle Milty plays his part to the hilt - you hate him, you feel sorry for him, you enjoy watching his redemption… he’s got it! Among the other blind passengers, you’ll see a really young and quite beautiful Leslie Ann Warren, Alejandro Rey and Jackie Cooper look-a-like Barry Nelson. Everyone is in top form, making their expedition both involving and nail biting.