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Sensations of 1945 (AKA Sensations - 1944) Starring Eleanor Powell, Eugene Pallette, Dennis O'Keefe, C. Aubry Smith, W.C. Fields, Sophie Tucker, Cab Calloway, Lyle Talbot, Woody Herman and Les Paul. Dancer Powell is the main talent in the stable of flamboyant publicist Gus Crane, whose crazy promotions are legendary. Crane's strait-laced son Junior wants none of dad's penchant for the outlandish, but when Junior takes over the business, he finds himself inadvertantly filling his old man's shoes. Contains tons of specialty acts and musical numbers, including juggling by the Johnson brothers, an amazing high-wire performance by Hubert Castle, and the famous number in which Eleanor Powell dances in a huge pinball machine. One of Powell's last appearances, and W.C. Fields' final film. Produced by Andrew Stone and Felix Jackson. Written and directed by Andrew L. Stone. B&W Approx. 86 Minutes