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The Secret Garden - 1995 - Musical Theatre West, Wichita, KS

The Secret Garden - 1995 - Musical Theatre West, Wichita, KS
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Product Description

The Secret Garden ~ 1995 ~ Wichita, KS

Starring: Nicholas F. Saverine, Chalrlea Ayers, Julie Prosser, Michael Barry, Megan Drew.

Another fantastic production by The Music Theatre Of Wichita.

Living in a lonely manor house in 1906 England, Archibald Craven yearns for his beautiful, late wife.

He blames his crippled son, Colin, for his wife’s death and has left him neglected and isolated.

Their quiet routine is turned upside down when young Mary Lennox, a rich, spoiled child, is sent to live with them following the death of her parents by cholera in India.

While living at the manor house, Mary discovers a secret walled garden hidden in the grounds and releases the magic and adventures locked inside, changing their lives forever.

Musical Numbers

There's A Girl Listen I Heard Someone Crying A Girl In The Valley It's A Maze Winter's On The Wing Show Me The Key Lily's Eyes Final Storm The Girl I Mean To Be Race You To The Top Of The Morning Wick Come To My Garden/Lift Me Up Come Spirit, Come Charm Hold On Letter Song Where In The World How Could I Ever Know

Semi pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. (A-)

Year(s): 1995

Format: DVD (on 2 DVDs)

Run time: 134m (show) & a 52m documentary

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color