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ROMANCE IN THE DARK Gladys Swarthout JOHN BOLES John Barrymore 1938 DVD

ROMANCE IN THE DARK Gladys Swarthout JOHN BOLES John Barrymore 1938 DVD
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Product Description

his RARE and entertaining 1938 musical-comedy B&W movie dvd release is titled... ROMANCE IN THE DARK

Director: H.C. Potter

Runtime: 78 minutes

Herman Bahr's German play The Yellow Nightingale from 1907 became this popular operetta delight. Gladys Swarthout, formerly of the Met, stars as Ilona Boros, a peasant girl with a magnificent voice who becomes a pawn in the rivalry between opera tenor Tony Kovach (John Boles) and his business manager Zoltan Jason (John Barrymore). Both men are infatuated with the beautiful, but cold, Countess Foldessy (Claire Dodd), and Tony plans to make Ilona a star so that Jason will be attracted to her instead. The scheme backfires, of course, and soon both men are fighting over Ilona, the outraged countess left to instead pursue Jason's butler, Von Hemisch (Curt Bois).

In between the comedy, Swarthout, Boles, and company perform such well-known selections as "Because," from the opera Jocelyn; "Habanera," from Carmen; "La Ci Darem la Nano," from Don Giovanni; and Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin's "Tonight We Love."

CAST: Gladys Swarthout - Ilona Boros John Boles - Antal Kovach John Barrymore - Zolton Jason Claire Dodd - Countess Monica Foldessy Fritz Feld - Fritz Curt Bois - Von Hemisch Carlos de Valdez - Ballot Torben Meyer - Prof. Jacobsen Ferdinand Gottschalk - Pianist Margaret Randall - Kovach's Maid Esther Muir - Prima Donna Eddy Conrad - Barber Lois Verner - Fat Girl Singer Otto Hoffman - Stage Doorman Fortunio Bonanova - Tenor

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