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Rebecca (1979) Jeremy Brett, Joanna David - 2 DVDS

Rebecca (1979) Jeremy Brett, Joanna David - 2 DVDS
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This VERY RARE BBC 4 part production of Daphne du Maurier's novel is offered as a two disc set on DVD+R Dual Layer media.

Synopsis: A young girl who is training to become a paid lady's companion is traveling with her employer, staying in Monte Carlo where she meets an older attractive widower, Maxim de Winter, who seems haunted by his wife Rebecca's death. Circumstances lead to a relationship between them, and when the girl's employer suddenly decides to return to New York, she is given a choice: New York with her employer or marriage to de Winter and home to Manderley. However, Manderley is also home to the housekeeper who was devoted to Rebecca, and Mrs. Danvers seems determined to ensure things do not go well for the newly-weds. The horrors of Rebecca's death are raked up when her body is found, and revelations at the inquest are followed by a new investigation. Once the truth is known, one more disaster falls. The story is shown in flashback, as it starts with an older Mrs. de Winter relaying a dream.

This BBC production was done in four parts, and stars Jeremy Brett as Maxim de Winter, Joanna David as the second Mrs. de Winter, Anna Massey as Mrs. Danvers, and Terence Hardiman as Frank Crawley, with Vivian Pickles as Beatrice Lacey. The four parts have a total running time of 200 minutes. THIS IS A RARE VERSION, and it was reportedly du Maurier's favorite film adaptation of her novel.

Due to rarity of item, no refunds but will replace any defective dvd!