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OMNIBUS: The Horn Blows At Midnight - JACK BENNY - 1953

OMNIBUS: The Horn Blows At Midnight - JACK BENNY - 1953
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Product Description

For this rare, live television adaptation of the 1945 feature film The Horn Blows At Midnight, Jack Benny reprised his comic role as Athanael, the trumpeting angel sent to destroy Earth.

Broadcast live from 1952 to 1961, the landmark and award-winning television series Omnibus presented a stunning variety of programs about the arts, sciences and humanities with an eye to creating what its visionary producer Robert Saudek called “educational entertainment.”

The critical failure of the 1945 feature film version became a running gag on The Jack Benny Program, but the Omnibus presentation is considered a genuine treasure, buried until now.


Jack Benny Jeff Donnell Lester Matthews Martin Dean Ann Doran Dorothy Mallone Beverly Washburn Harry Shearer Frank Jaquet Benny Rubin Lou Lubin Rusty Morris Roy Rowan

Year(s): 11.29.53 (OMNIBUS TV Version)

04.28.45 (Feature film version)

Format: DVD (2 DVDs)

Run time: 60m (OMNIBUS TV Version)

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: B&W