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The Night of the Werewolf (1980) - RARE UNCUT VERSION! IN ENGLISH

The Night of the Werewolf (1980) - RARE UNCUT VERSION! IN ENGLISH
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This film has been a long time in coming but the wait has been well worth it! Paul Naschy once again dons the familiar personage of the long suffering Count Valdemar Daninsky cursed to turn into a murderous werewolf when the full moon rises ! This is probably one of the best "classic" battles between werewolf and vampire !(in the guise of Countess Elizabeth Bathory). This film has been released in several incarnations with titles such as " The Werewolf VS The Vampire Woman, El Retorno Del Hombre Lobo, The Craving and The Night Of The Werewolf". It is the best in the Valdemar Daninsky saga and high point in Spanish Horror Cinema. The film has been given the "royal treatment" in the fabulous transfer that has been done. It,s really flawless and I,ve never seen this film in a better version. It is uncut and beautifully restored. I would hazard a guess that The Night Of The Werewolf didn,t look this good in it,s original theatrical release !! If you love gothic Horror with iconic characters this film delivers in spades !