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NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES, 1948 Gail Russell, Edward G.Robinson

NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES, 1948 Gail Russell, Edward G.Robinson
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A man who dreams of seeing the future discovers the horrible burden that it can carry in this film noir suspense story. Suicidal Jean Courtland ( Gail Russell ) is prevented from killing herself by her fiancée Elliot Carson ( John Lund ). When they consult psychic John Triton ( Edward G. Robinson ), he confesses that he used his powers to bring on her death. Years ago, Triton was a phony mentalist in a vaudeville act, but he began seeing genuine visions of the future, most of which portended tragic results. After a premonition of the death of his wife Jenny ( Virginia Bruce ) in childbirth, a terrified Triton went into hiding for five years; upon his return, he discovered that his wife had married Whitney ( Jerome Cowan ) shortly after John was declared dead...and she died giving birth. Years later, Jenny's child grew up to be Jean Courtland, and when Triton receives a vision of Whitney's death in a plane wreck, he rushes to California in hopes of stopping fate. However, he's foreseen a tragic future for both Jean and Whitney and is afraid of the agony that awaits them. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes was adapted from a novel by Cornell Woolrich . CAST: Edward G. Robinson John Triton Gail Russell Jean Courtland John Lund Elliott Carson Virginia Bruce