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MAGIC FIRE - 1955 - the life of composer Richard Wagner - COLOR DVD

MAGIC FIRE - 1955 -  the life of composer Richard Wagner - COLOR DVD
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1955 (Drama/Biography) Yvonne De Carlo, Carlos Thompson, Rita Gam, Peter Cushing, Hans Quest. “The life and career of German composer Richard Wagner”. In color. Never released commercially.

The orchestras and singers are some of the best I've encountered in an opera movie. Music is of course what Wagner is all about, the political stuff having no significance for his role in history. The opulent scenery is nice and perhaps the argument can be made that opulent surroundings inspire opulent music. In that vein, we could say that few people enjoy such opulence today, and (as a consequence?) little opulent music is being composed today. Also, I don't know how accurate the depiction of Liszt is, or whether his portrayal is simply based on the commendatore in Mozart's Don Giovanni - there are suspiciously many parallels. All in all, a better use of time than most alternatives. Suspend disbelief if you must, perhaps because you know more about Wagner than I do, but enjoy a sincere attempt to depict musical composition at its most sublime.