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Prolific filmmaker Giuliano Carmineo directed this fourth sequel to Se Incontri Sartana Prega per la Tua Morte (1968) under the pseudonym "Anthony Ascott." Gianni Garko is Sartana, the mythical, almost supernatural avenger whose gun is his justice. This time, Sartana helps a gambler named Grand Full (Piero Lulli), who claims to have been wrongly accused of murder. The avenger breaks Grand Full out of jail and the pair escapes to the site of the crime -- the town of Mansfield -- where they battle bounty hunters and a wicked boss (Massimo Serato) before the gunslinger figures out that he's been had. Needless to say, Sartana does not take kindly to having been fooled. Nieves Navarro (a.k.a. Susan Scott) co-stars in this grim Italian-French spaghetti western with Frank Brana and Bruno Corazzari. One of the genre's best-known composers, Bruno Nicolai, did the soundtrack.

Cast: Gianni Garko (as John Garko)(Sartana), Nieves Navarro (as Susan Scott) (Belle Manassas), Piero Lulli ("Grande Full"/Grandville Fuller), Bruno Corazzari (Heinz), Frank Braña (Sam Puttnam/One-Eye), Massimo Serato (Sheriff Manassas), José Jaspe (Monk/General Moko), Renato Baldini ("Nobody"), Dan van Husen, Fernando Bilbao, Sal Borgese (informer), Giuseppe Castellano (Hanson), Lino Coletta (Sancho), Alfonso de la Vega, Raffaele Di Mario, Luis Induni (sheriff), Brizio Montinaro, Franco Pesce (Professor Pon Pon), Gianni Pulone, Francisco Sanz, Clay Slegger, María Vico, Mara Krupp (hotel woman), Mario Ralph, Beatrice Pellegrino, Brizio Montinaro, Gianni Pulone Story: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero Screenplay: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero, Tito Carpi, Ernesto Gastaldi Cinematography: Julio Ortas [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope] Music: Bruno Nicolai Producers: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero, Luciano Martino ALL REGIONS DVD, PLAYS WORLDWIDE!