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HUMAN JUNGLE ITV1 Saturday 10:05 PM (60 min.) Premiered: March 30, 1963 - Last Aired: December 21, 1964

Starring - Herbert Lom as psychiatrist Dr Roger Corder,Harley Street psychiatrist Dr Roger Corder, M.D., D.P.M., examines the mysteries of the human experience. The complicated problems of his often irrational patients often saw him operating in the "real world", helping them to confront and understand their own fears.The Human Jungle was an Independent Artists Production with Associated-British Pictures Corporation Ltd. for ABC Weekend Television Ltd.

ONLY 26 EPISODES WERE AIRED HERE IS THE COMPLETE SERIES 1 The Vacant Chair 2 The Flip-side Man 3 Run with The Devil 4 Thin Ice 5 The Lost Hours 6 A Friend of the Sergeant Major 7 Fourteen Ghosts 8 Fine Feathers 9 The Two Edge Sword 10 A Woman With Scars 11 Time Check 12 The Wall 13 Over and Out 14 Success Machine 15 Conscience On A Rack 16 Struggle for a Mind 17 Solo Performance 18 Enemy Outside 19 Wild Goose Chase 20 Heartbeats in a Tin Box 21 Dual Control 22 24 Hour Man 23 Ring of Hate 24 Skeleton in the Cupboard 25 The Quick and the Dead 26 The Man Who Fell Apart

Some episodes in this collection are from original studio master films. Quality will vary depending on the condition of the master and the transfer process

THIS COLLECTION COMES ON 13 DVDS with menus. All episodes from original masters and excellent quality