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Item# george-white39s-scanda391934

Product Description

Alice Faye got her "big break" in this film when the original star, Lilian Harvey, walked off the set because Fox refused to give her more screen time. Alice was given the role, and after filming "Nasty Man," the studio was convinced they had a new star on their hands.

Producer: George White Director: George White, Thornton Freeland and Harry Lachman Screenplay: Jack Yellen (based on a story by George White) Music Director: Louis De Francesco Song Score: Ray Henderson, Jack Yellen and Irving Caesar Recording Engineers: George Leverett, Arthur von Kirbach Cinematography: Lee Garmes, George Schneiderman Film Editing: Paul Weatherwax

Cast: Rudy Vallee [Jimmy Martin], Jimmy Durante [Happy McGillicuddy], Alice Faye [Kitty Donnelly], Adrienne Ames [Barbara Loraine], Gregory Ratoff [Nicholas Mitwoch], Cliff Edwards [Stew Hart], Dixie Dunbar [Patsy Dey], Gertrude Michael [Miss Lee], Richard Carle [Minister], Warren Hymer [Pete Pandos], George White [Himself], Thomas Jackson [Al Burke], Armand Kaliz [Count Dekker], Roger Gray [Sailor Brown], William Norton Bailey [Harold Bestry], George Irving [John R. Loraine], Edward Le Saint [Judge O'Neill], Edna Mae Jones [Eleanor Sawyer], Irving Bacon [Hick], Dewey Robinson [Garbage King], Creighton Hale [Theater Treasurer], Alma Mott, Lee Lawrence, Ethlyn Howard [Sally, Irene and Mary], Richard Alexander [Iceman], Frances Raymond [Landlady], Howard Hickman [Doctor]

Musical Program: Hold My Hand (production number, sung by Rudy Vallee and Alice Faye); Nasty Man (production number sung by Alice Faye and Chorus); So Nice (Cliff Edwards and Dixie Dunbar); Cabin in the Cotton and Cotton in the Cabin (Jimmy Durante); Cabin Dance; Following in Mother's Footsteps; My Dog Loves Your Dog (Alice Faye, Dixie Dunbar, Rudy Vallee and Jimmy Durante); Sweet and Simple (production number, Rudy Vallee and Alice Faye); Six Women (Me and Henry the Eighth) (Cliff Edwards and Chorus Girls); Every Day Is Father's Day with Baby (production number, Rudy Vallee, Cliff Edwards, Jimmy Durante and Children); Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia; Carolina in the Morning; River Stay 'Way from My Door; Got the South in My Soul; Lawd You Made the Night Too Long; That's Why Darkies Were Born; Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore; Did You Ever See a Dream Walking; Picking Cotton; The Man on the Flying Trapeze