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Item# george-white-scandals-of-1935

Product Description

George White (Himself) and Manya (Lyda Roberti) have just finished a very successful revue in New York, and are driving down to Florida for some vacation time when the happen across a show in Georgia also called "George White's Scandals." Stopping to check it out, they discover Honey Walters (Alice Faye), and decide to return to New York to feature her in a new show. Back in New York, the show is a success, but a love triangle has things all messed up. Honey takes off on her own, but eventually returns and everything works out just fine.

Produced and Directed by: George White Screenplay: Patterson McNutt and Jack Yellen (based on an idea by George White) Musical Score: Louis De Francesco Song Score: Jack Yellen, Herb Magidson, Joseph Meyer and Cliff Friend Art Direction: Gordon Wiles Costume Design: Charles Le Maire Sound: Arthur von Kirbach Cinematography: George Schneiderman

Cast: Alice Faye [Honey Walters], James Dunn [Eddie Taylor], Ned Sparks [Elmer White], Lyda Roberti [Manya], Cliff Edwards [Dude Holloway], Arline Judge [Midgie Malone], Eleanor Powell [Marilyn Collins], Emma Dunn [Aunt Jane], Benny Rubin [Louis], Charles Richman [Harriman], Roger Imhof [Officer Riley], Donald Kerr [Grady], Walter Johnson [Daniels], Fred Santley [M.C.], Jack Mulhall [Ticket Seller], Sam McDaniel [Porter], George White [Himself], Lois Eckhart [Mme. DuBarry], Fuzzy Knight [Sam Fagel], Jed Prouty [Al Lee], Lynn Bari [Chorus Girl], Anne Nagel [Chorus Girl], Tamara Shayne [Russian Girl]

Musical Program: According to the Moonlight (Alice Faye and James Dunn); Oh, I Didn't Know (production number, Alice Faye and Chorus Girls); It's an Old Southern Custom (Alice Faye, James Dunn and Cliff Edwards); I Was Born Too Late (Alice Faye); I Got Shoes, You Got Shosies; Hunkadola (Alice Faye, James Dunn, Cliff Edwards and Lyda Roberti); It's Time to Say Goodnight; You Belong to Me (Alice Faye)