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FOOLS RUSH IN - 1949 - Sally Ann Howes, Guy Rolfe

FOOLS RUSH IN - 1949 - Sally Ann Howes, Guy Rolfe
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A young bride-to-be changes her mind on her wedding day and causes mayhem and confusion…

The story centers around young bride-to-be Pamela Dickson (Sally Ann Howes) who is getting married to Joe Trent (Nigel Buchanan) with whom she is very much in love, but as time draws near for the ceremony to take place, Pamela is starting to get second thoughts and questions whether she is doing the right thing as her convictions dictate that marriage should be a lasting, 'till death do us Part' union. When her mother, Angela Dickson (Nora Swinburne) who has divorced her father and is now engaged to the pompous Sir Charles Leigh (Raymond Lovell) tells her that the reason for her divorce was because of her father's unfaithfulness, she gets even more confused and it convinces her all the more that she should not be getting married until she has all the right answers.

Further complications arise when her long-lost estranged father Paul Dickson (Guy Rolfe) whom she has not seen again since she was a small child comes knocking at their door to attend her wedding. Sir Charles is not at all amused by his presence and resents him being there, however Pamela is delighted; she discovers that he is opposite to the rogue that her mother made him out to be and putting her own marriage on hold, she decides to try and reconcile her father and mother.

This light-hearted romantic comedy film is a forgotten treasure; anyone who has experienced the excitement of a wedding in their family will be able to relate to some of the realistic incidents taking place. The very cleverly written storyline by screenwriter Geoffrey Kerr, who adapted the script from a play by Kenneth Horne, has so many lines of witty dialog that it begs for repeated viewing to be fully appreciated. A solid performance is given by all the cast with excellent direction and photography. The numerous comical situations and chaotic moments give this film a pleasurable viewing experience and will keep you amused from beginning to end.