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Forgotten Pistolero (1969) "Il pistolero dell'Ave Maria"

Forgotten Pistolero (1969)  "Il pistolero dell'Ave Maria"
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Product Description

This Spaghetti western is an incredible hour and a half of cinema. The amazing music score pulls you in right away. It is beautiful and at the same time expresses a feeling of melancholy and impending doom. From the very beginning you know that the ending of this film is going to be one of those grandiose, emotional, over-the-top finales, and when you get there it doesn't disappoint.

This is a great revenge story that, in some ways, can be likened to a Shakespearian tragedy. It's a tale of a wealthy family in which marital deception, betrayal, and murder brings on guilt, misery, fear, and ultimately death and destruction. It's also a great action story with lots of gun play, suspense, and some twists and turns.

The movie is a quality production with decent acting, and most likely a higher than average budget for a eurowestern.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable film from start to finish. Ferdinando Baldi's great direction, Roberto Pregadio's awesome music score, a riveting story, and solid acting performances make this a film that I would recommend to anyone.

Stars: Leonard Mann, Luciana Paluzzi, Pietro Martellanza