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FORGOTTEN NOIR - 3 DVDS 6 MOVIES: DISC 01: PORTLAND EXPOSE - (1957) - THEY WERE SO YOUNG - (1954) - DISC 02: LOAN SHARK - (1952) - ARSON INC. - (1949) - DISC 03: SHADOW MAN - (2006) - SHOOT TO KILL - (1988) - RARE DVDS

FORGOTTEN NOIR - 3 DVDS 6 MOVIES: DISC 01: PORTLAND EXPOSE - (1957) - THEY WERE SO YOUNG - (1954) - DISC 02: LOAN SHARK - (1952) - ARSON INC. - (1949) - DISC 03: SHADOW MAN - (2006) - SHOOT TO KILL - (1988) - RARE DVDS
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Director: Harold D. Schuster

Stars: Edward Binns, Carolyn Craig, Virginia Gregg

A tavern owner in Portland, Oregon gets involved in a struggle for power between two gangs attempting to control the unions. When his young daughter is attacked by one of the gangsters, he joins the faction fighting against the syndicate and gets important evidence via a tape recorder. He is discovered and he and his daughter are threatened but honest union men, come to his aid.


Director: Kurt Neumann

Stars: Scott Brady, Johanna Matz, Raymond Burr

A model agency in Rio de Janeiro is actually a front for a white-slavery ring that kidnaps European women and sells them on the South American sex market.

- DISC 02: LOAN SHARK - 1952

Director: Seymour Friedman

Stars: George Raft, Dorothy Hart, Paul Stewart

A vicious loan shark ring has been preying on factory workers. When several workers at a tire factory suffer violence at the hands of the loan sharkers, a union leader and the factory owner try to recruit ex-con Joe Gargan to infiltrate to the gang. At first Joe does not want to get involved, but changes his mind when his brother-in-law dies at the hands of a savage loan shark hood. Joe works his way into the mob, but in order to keep his cover, Joe can't tell anyone what he is up to. This results in him being disowned by his sister and girl friend.

- ARSON INC. - 1949

Director: William Berke

Stars: Robert Lowery, Anne Gwynne, Edward Brophy

Fireman Joe Martin comes to suspect that fires occurring in the warehouse and home of a furrier may have been deliberately set in order to cover thefts. He goes undercover, pretending to have been discharged from the fire department and appearing to ally himself with crooked insurance man Fred Fender, whom Joe suspects of being behind the arson ring. But Joe and his girlfriend Jane Jennings find themselves in over their heads.

- DISC 03: SHADOW MAN - 2006

Director: Michael Keusch

Stars: Steven Seagal, Eva Pope, Imelda Staunton

An intelligence operative discovers that no one is what they seem in the shadowy world of espionage.

- SHOOT TO KILL - 1988

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Stars: Sidney Poitier, Tom Berenger, Kirstie Alley

Sidney Poitier returned to the big screen in this action-thriller, after a decade-long absence. When a cunning murderer vanishes into the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, pursuing FBI agent Warren Stantin (Poitier) must exchange familiar city streets for unknown wilderness trails. Completely out of his element, Stantin is forced to enlist the aid of expert tracker Jonathan Knox (PLATOON'S Tom Berenger). The killer has infiltrated a guided hiking trip led by Knox's girlfriend Sarah (Kirstie Alley, at the height of her Cheers fame). Viewers don't know which of the hikers is the killer, and the tension lasts well into the movie.