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This RARE 1935 musical-comedy B&W sound movie dvd release is titled... FOLIES BERGERE

aka Folies Bergère de Paris

Director: Roy Del Ruth

Maurice Chevalier Triumphs in a Duo Role!

An entertainer impersonates a look-alike banker, causing comic confusion for both wife and girlfriend.

This is the kind of movie musical that typifies the 1930s: mistaken identity, comical character actors, lavish sets, and production numbers in the Busby Berkeley manner. Starring Maurice Chevalier, it offers the legendary French entertainer the opportunity to play two separate characters that bear a close resemblance to one another, one being a music hall headliner with a clean-cut image whose trademark is his straw hat (like Chevalier), while the other sports a mustache, monacle and a touch of gray hair along his temple. Chevalier even gets to perform opposite two leading ladies, one his theatrical partner, the other, his wife. FOLIES BERGERE goes on record as Chevalier's last Hollywood musical for two decades, closing the chapter to this era in his career. Quite popular since his Hollywood debut in 1929, Chevalier returned to Europe where he occasionally appeared in movies abroad before beginning a new chapter in his career in 1957 when he returned to Hollywood once again where he would remain for another decade.

A gem of a movie with a bright score, interesting story, grand scale production numbers and Chevalier's masquerade as the Baron with a definite comedic flair!

OSCAR WINNER for Best Dance Direction - Dave Gould for "Straw Hat"

CAST: Maurice Chevalier - Eugene Charlier Ann Sothern - Mimi Merle Oberon - Baroness Genevieve Cassini Eric Blore - Francois Ferdinand Munier - Morizet Walter Byron - Rene Lumsden Hare - Gustave Ferdinand Gottschalk - Perishot Halliwell Hobbes - Paulet Georges Renavent - Premier Philip Dare - Victor Frank McGlynn, Sr. - Joseph Barbara Leonard - Josephine Olin Howland - Stage Manager