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Alan Eaton is a Korean War veteran and ex-POW who returns to the USA after his release from captivity. Back in Washington, DC he tries to re-adjust to civilian life by returning to work. He co-owns a public relations-opinion research firm together with his business partner Clark Baker. However, he is shocked to learn that Clark Baker died in a hit-and-run accident the previous year. Also, Clark Baker, who had power-of-attorney during Alan's absence, had sold the firm to one of the employees, Jim McGinnis. Alan explains to Jim McGinnis that Clark Baker only had power of attorney to run the business, not to sell it without Alan's consent. McGinnis implies that Alan was duly informed ahead of time via letters sent to him while he was a POW in Korea. Feigning compassion, McGinnis offers Alan a job because their clients respect and trust the Eaton name. Alan Eaton asks for time to consider the offer. He then visits his old friend, Senator Walder, who voices his suspicions regarding the illegal manipulation of polls by the new owner of the firm, Jim McGinnis. The Senator encourages Alan Eaton to accept the job with McGinnis' firm and investigate any irregularity. In the course of his investigation, Alan, with the help of sympathetic young secretary, Lorraine Dennis, uncovers the whole illegal affair. He discovers that Jim McGinnis falsifies the statistics and poll data in order to make or break various candidates to public office. In his efforts, McGinnis, who makes big bucks out of this, is aided by a network of subversives. However, Alan and Lorraine know that uncovering facts is one thing and proving them is another thing. They must gather evidence and go to the authorities, even if this means risking their lives.