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Synopsis: In Edwardian London, music-hall star Harriet Green (played by the multi-talented Jessie Matthews) performs to adoring audiences. Then, just as she is about to marry her aristocratic fiancé, her former lover appears, threatening to unleash a public scandal that could ruin her: she already has an illegitimate daughter by him. Harriet flees abroad, leaving her daughter, also called Harriet, in the care of her dresser.

When, years later, the younger Harriet attends an audition for a musical - intent on pursuing her own stage career - a young publicity agent, Tommy, believes he has hit upon the perfect idea for a stage act, based upon Harriet's remarkable resemblance to her mother...

Evergreen was a major success for Jessie Matthews, one of British cinema's best-loved stars. Also starring Matthews' husband Sonnie Hale and silent-screen star Betty Balfour (known as 'the British Mary Pickford'), this charming musical comedy - featuring music by Rogers and Hart and outstanding choreography by Buddy Bradley - was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

The story of a music-hall star who was blackmailed into retirement, and the 1934 success of the daughter who exploited her fame.

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