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A series of disasters hits the United States. Large earthquakes send massive tidal waves that take out both coasts. In the east, Matin Webster is separated from his wife Helen and their two children. When he regains consciousness, he is all alone, the only survivor as far as he can tell. After living alone for several months, he finds Claire Arlington collapsed on the beach. She had fled the unwanted advances from the despicable Jepson. Together, Martin and Claire build a new life. But Jepson is not one to give up. He eventually finds Claire and besting Martin by surprise, abducts her to a lawless band with whom he has taken up. Martin rescues Claire knowing full well that Jepson and his gang will come calling. Luckily, a band of honest survivors who have started to rebuild a town come in pursuit of the gang as they are about to overcome Martin's efforts to defend themselves. With Jepson and his gang disposed of, Martin and Claire accompany the group back to their community. Martin is both overjoyed and distraught to find that, not only did Helen and his children survive the floods, but they are already in residence. After a number of confrontations between Helen and Claire, Claire decides she cannot live with Martin, yet cannot decide his other family members. She opts to leave