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CYNARA Ronald Colman & KAY FRANCIS 1932 King Vidor Movie DVD

CYNARA Ronald Colman & KAY FRANCIS 1932 King Vidor Movie DVD
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Product Description

This RARE 1932 romantic drama B&W sound movie dvd release is titled... CYNARA

Director: King Vidor

King Vidor directed this screen adaptation of the novel An Imperfect Lover by Robert Gore-Brown, which had also made the transition to the stage. Jim Warlock (Ronald Colman) is a successful British lawyer who has always displayed a solid and conservative nature in his business associations, his professional ethics, and his personal life. He has enjoyed a happy if unexciting marriage with his wife Clemency (Kay Francis) for seven years, but when she leaves town for several days, Jim meets Doris (Phyllis Barry), a young sales clerk. To his surprise, Jim finds himself infatuated with Doris, and what begins as an innocent flirtation quickly escalates into a passionate affair. Eventually, when Jim tries to break off the relationship, Doris becomes distraught and kills herself. The death leads to a criminal investigation which makes Jim the leading figure in a national scandal, but he accepts all responsibility and refuses to say anything that would cast Doris in a negative light. The publicity forces him to leave the country and puts the future of his marriage in serious question.

CAST: Ronald Colman - Jim Warlock Kay Francis - Clemency Warlock Phyllis Barry - Doris Lea Henry Stephenson - Sir John Tring Viva Tattersall - Milly Miles Florine McKinney - Gorta Clarissa Selwynne - Onslow Paul Porcasi - Joseph George Kirby - Mr. Boots Wilson Benge - Merton

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