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Crash of Flight 401 DVD 1978 TV Movie William Shatner

Crash of Flight 401 DVD 1978 TV Movie William Shatner
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Product Description

TITLE: The Crash of Flight 401 AKA Crash

DIRECTOR: Barry Shear

YEAR: 1978

CAST: William Shatner, Adrienne Barbeau, Brook Bundy, Eddie Albert, Lorraine Gary, Ron Glass, Sharon Gless and George Maharis

VIDEO QUALITY: 9 out of 10 / A

ASPECT RATIO: 4:3 Fullscreen

REGION CODE: 0 Region All / Free DVD-R (playable worldwide)


SYNOPSIS: The Crash of Flight 401 is a made for TV movie about the crash of the L-10111 Jet Flight 401 in December 1972 in which nearly 100 people died. When Flight 401 was making its final approach to Miami, they started to put the landing gear down, but the light that signalled this wasn't working for some reason. Captain Loft send Flight Engineer Repo and another man into the cargo hold of the plane to examine the landing gear. During this time, he put the plane on automatic pilot while they were dealing with this crisis. It is believed that Loft or the co-pilot Burt Stockstill bumped the automatic pilot and turned it off. The plane began a very steep dive into the swamp that they did not detect until it was too late! Far too late! Crash has a very impressive cast, everyone from Eddie Albert as the pilot to Sharon Gless (before she was on Cagney and Lacey) to Adrienne Barbeau to Lorraine Gary. Its like one of those Airport movies they made where they introduce you to the characters, set the scene and then create the disaster and then you get to see who lives and who dies! Considering the fact that this film was made a quarter century ago when special effects weren't what they are today, the part when they re-enact the crash of the plane is very realistic and very chilling. You feel like you are on the plane experiencing the whole thing!

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