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Item# champagne-waltz-1937

Product Description

Another of Paramount's efforts to transform Metropolitan Opera diva Gladys Swarthout into a popular movie star, Champagne Waltz casts Swarthout as Elsa Strauss, the daughter of a celebrated Viennese composer (Fritz Leiber). American bandleader Buzzy Bellew (Fred MacMurray) and his aggregation invade Vienna with their own special repertoire of melodies, and before long the Austrian capital has abandoned waltzes in favor of jazz.

Directed by A. Edward Sutherland

Cast Gladys Swarthout Fred MacMurray Jack Oakie Herman Bing Fritz Leiber Vivienne Osborne Benny Baker Ernest Cossart James Burke Maude Eburne Maurice Cass Nora Cecil Dennis O'Keefe Richard Carle