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BRING ON THE GIRLS (DVD) - 1945 - Eddie Bracken - Veronica Lake

BRING ON THE GIRLS (DVD) - 1945 - Eddie Bracken - Veronica Lake
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J.Newport Bates is a single millionaire who finds it very difficult finding a girl who will love him, not just his money. He joins the navy hoping to hide his identity, and just be one of the boys. His lawyers tell him he must have a fellow with him, to keep a watch out for gold-diggers. He reluctantly agrees and Phil also joins the navy. One night on leave, he meets a beautiful cigarette girl named Teddy, at a nightclub. She knows who he is and strings him along. Meanwhile Teddy runs into old flame Phil and the fickle girl soon drops Bates. Heartbroken, and about to give up on women entirely, Bates meets Sue the nightclub singer. She is a nice girl who's father is a banker, the two discover they have much in common and fall in love.

Starring: Sonny Tufts, Eddie Bracken, Veronica Lake, Marjorie Reynolds