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While exploring the dark underbelly of the gambling world, newspaper editor Steve Wilson is beaten senseless and left to die by the river. He awakes in a hospital bed and discovers that his companion has been kidnapped. Lead reporter, Lorelei Kilbourne, is enlisted to help investigate and discovers troubling connections between the missing girl and her kidnappers. Wilson discovers he's up against a much greater enemy than he anticipated. Faced with double-crosses and a growing list of thugs, Wilson and Kilbourne struggle to unmask the true villain at the bottom of the treachery.

Big Town After Dark was the third of four movies based on the popular radio series "Big Town." Combining the hard-boiled dialogue of film noir with the sassy, fast-talking romance of His Girl Friday, the "Big Town" series had widespread appeal, moving from radio to film to a television series in the 1950s.

Starring Hillary Brooke & Philip Reed Directed by William C. Thomas Screenplay by Whitman Chambers