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Item# at-gunpoint

Product Description

SYNOPSIS: In a hideout near the town of Plainview, Texas, outlaws led by Alvin Dennis try to convince Dennis' hotheaded younger brother Bob that it is safer to rob banks in small towns, where there will be fewer guns, than larger towns, which have more money. The gang then rides to meet their contact, Barlow, who affirms that the old marshal, Pete MacKay, should not be any trouble. Meanwhile, in Plainview, general storekeeper Jack Wright greets MacKay and Doc Lacey, who begin their daily chess game. Jack makes a deposit at the town bank, run by Mr. Livingston, then returns to the store, where his wife Martha and brother-in-law Wally are working, and his young son Billy is playing. The Dennis gang arrives at the bank and robs the vault FRED MACMURRAY - DOROTHY MALONE - WALTER BRENNAN