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PIER 13 - 1940 - RARE DVD

PIER  13 - 1940 - RARE DVD
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Product Description

A re-make of Me and My Gal (1932) with Lloyd Nolan in the Spencer Tracy role and Lynn Bari as the waterfront waitress. Neither movie is particularly good, though this one is the better bet, despite the fact that the original was directed by Raoul Walsh (on an off day), while this one is a product of Sol Wurtzel's "B" unit and was directed by the nondescript Eugene Forde. What is more to the point, however, this one was photographed by one of Hollywood's top five cinematographers, namely Virgil Miller – a whiz with film noir lighting. In fact, this one starts off with an action "bang" and then follows up with a delightful scene in which Lloyd Nolan's rookie cop, Dolan, exchanges some bright back-chat with Lynn Bari's gum-chewing waitress, Duchess.

Director: Eugene Forde

Stars: Lynn Bari, Lloyd Nolan, Joan Valerie