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Stars: Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, Jack Pickford, Owen Moore, Frank Powell, Kate Bruce, George Nicholls, Henry B. Walthall

Director: D. W. Griffith

Muggsy's First Sweetheart - Release date June 30, 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: William A. Quirk (Muggsy): Mary Pickford (Mabel Brown): Edward Dillon, Joseph Graybill (Muggsy's friends); Grace Henderson, George O. Nicholls ( Mabel's parents); Clara T. Bracey (Muggsy's mother); Charles Craig (Uplift man) : Flora Finch

A Flash of Light - Release date July 18, 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: Charles H. West (John Rogers): Vivian Prescott (Belle); Stephanie Longfellow (Older sister); Verner Clarges (Father); ? (Youngersister); Joseph Graybill (Horace Dooley); Anthony O'Sullivan, W. C. Robinson, Alfred Paget, George Siegmann, Mack Sennett (Wedding guest); Edward Dillon, Claire McDowell, Dorothy West, John T. Dillon, Guy Hedlund, Ruth Hart, Henry Lehrman (Party guest); George O. Nicholls, William J. Butler (Doctors): Grace Henderson (Visitor); ? (Nurse).

An Arcadian Maid - Release date August 1 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: Mary Pickford (Priscilla); Mack Sennett (Peddler); Kate Bruce (Lady of the House); George O. Nicholls (Man of the House); Edward Dillon, John T. Dillon, Henry Lehrman, Joseph Graybill, Charles Craig, Vivian Prescott (In gambling hall); W. Chrystie Miller, Alfred Paget, Francis J. Grandon, Anthony O'Sullivan, Henry Lehrman, ? (On train); Frank Evans, William J. Butler (Two men).

The House with Closed Shutters - Release date August 8, 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: Henry B. Walthall (Charles Randolph); Dorothy West (Agnes, his sister); Grace Henderson (Their mother); Charles H. West, Joseph Graybill (Agnes' suitors); Gladys Egan, Mabel Van Burn, Alfred Paget, John T. Dillon (On porch at farewell); William J. Butler (Servant); Frank Evans, Verner Clarges, John T. Dillon, Francis J. Grandon (In Lee's tent).

The Usurer - Release date August 8, 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: George O. Nicholls (The Usurer); Grace Henderson (His sister); Alfred Paget, Anthony O'Sullivan, Edward Dillon (Debt collectors) Francis J. Grandon (In office); Kate Bruce, ? (1st debtors); Henry B. Walthall (2nd debtors); ?, Claire McDowell, Gladys Edan (3rd debtors); Clara T. Bracey (Maid); Frank Evans (Policeman); William J. Butler (Doctor); Dell Henderson, Guy Hedlund (Movers); Charles Craig, Dorothy West, Gertrude Robinson, Jeannie MacPherson, Mabel Van Buren, Guy Hedlund, W. C. Robinson (At luncheon).

The Sorrows of the Unfaithful - Release date August 22, 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: Mary Pickford (Mary); Henry B. Walthall (Bill); Edward Dillon (Joe); Gladys Egan(Mary, as a child); ? (Bill as a child); W. Chrystie Miller (Fisherman); ? Messenger); William J. Butler, W. C. Robinson, Gertrude Robinson (On shore).

Wilful Peggy - Release date August 25, 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: Mary Pickford (Peggy); Clara T. Bracey (Her mother); Henry B. Walthall (Lord); ? (Cousin); Claire McDowell (Maid); Alfred Paget, Dell Henderson, William J. Butler (Servants); Kate Bruce, Edward Dillon, ? (At inn); W. Chrystie Miller, Guy Hedlund, Mack Sennett, W. C. Robinson (At wedding); Gertrude Robinson, Grace Henderson, Mabel Van Buren, Charles Craig, William A. Quirk, Edward Dillon, Stephanie Longfellow, Francis J. Grandon (At party).

The Modern Prodigal - Release date August 29, 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: Guy Hedlund (The prodigal); Clara T. Bracey (His mother); George O. Nicholls (Sheriff); Kate Bruce (His wife); Jack Pickford (Their son); Alfred Paget, Frank Evans, Edward Dillon (Guards); Robert Harron, Dell Henderson, Francis J. Grandon (At post office); William J. Butler (Farmer); Anthony O'Sullivan (At farewell); Lester Predmor, ? (Boys swimming); ? (Prodigal's sister).

In Life's Cycle - Release date September 15, 1910. Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer. Cast: George O. Nicholls (James Mullen); Stephanie Longfellow (Clara, as an adult); Henry B. Walthall (Vincent, as an adult); Charles H. West (Clara's temptor); Edith Haldeman (Their child); W. Chrystie Miller, Anthony O'Sullivan, Francis J. Grandon (In seminary); William J. Butler, Linda Arvidson (James' friends); Alfred Paget, Gertrud Robinson (Young couple); Charles Hill Mailes (Priest in bar); Anthony O'Sullivan (Bartender); Francis J. Grandon, Frank Evans, Edward Dillon, Henry Lehrman, Joseph Greybill, Charles Craig (In bar).