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DIXIE (1943)

DIXIE (1943)
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According to this exuberant Paramount musical, famed pre-Civil War minstrel performer Daniel Decatur Emmett looked and sounded exactly like Bing Crosby! Very loosely based on the real Emmett's life and career, the film is essentially an excuse for an unending stream of Southern-fried ballads and boisterous blackface production numbers. The best scenes involve Emmet's creation of the minstrel tradition, helped along by Billy De Wolfe as the original "Mr. Bones." As Emmet's sweetheart Millie Cook, Dorothy Lamour has less to do than fourth-billed Marjorie Reynolds as Jean Mason, the physically challenged girl whom Emmet ultimately marries. In the midst of several old-time musical numbers, Bing Crosby introduces one of his lasting hits, "Sunday, Monday and Always"!

Bing Crosby ... Daniel Decatur Emmett Dorothy Lamour ... Millie Cook Billy De Wolfe ... Mr. Bones Marjorie Reynolds ... Jean Mason Lynne Overman ... Mr. Whitlock Eddie Foy Jr. ... Mr. Felham Raymond Walburn ... Mr. Cook Grant Mitchell ... Mr. Mason